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We are located in Lapad Bay, the urban center of Dubrovnik. If you are entering the hotel through the main entrance you need to use Mata Vodopića street. However, if you arrive by car and wish to use our car parking - please use Petra Zoranića street, which will lead you to the hotel back entrance via parking. 

Depending on your departure location, you can get to Dubrovnik via airplane, bus or car. If you are flying in for your summer vacation - our city airport and your destination airport is located in Ćilipi, 22.5 km from the hotel. From here you can rent a car, rent a van, take a taxi or a Croatia Airlines shuttle bus which will take you to the main bus station (from here you can get a taxi to the hotel of use the local bus lines) or you can exit in Old town (bus stop: Pile) and take local bus number 6 to Lapad bay (bus stop: post office Lapad). Now you are only a short 5 minute walk from the hotel.

Also, the hotel offers our own transportation service at your convenience. To book your private hotel transportation contact us here.

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